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60/90 (2008)

TV Series
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  • Carles Sabater's primary photoCarles Sabater Himself (archive footage)  Less 2,040,508
  • Pep Sala's primary photoPep Sala Himself (archive footage)  Less 1,298,328
  • Lluís Gavaldà's primary photoLluís Gavaldà Himself (archive footage)  Less 3,501,230
  • Ramón Arcusa's primary photoRamón Arcusa Himself (archive footage)  Less 1,715,656
  • Manuel de la Calva's primary photoManuel de la Calva Himself (archive footage)  Less 699,047
  • Francisco Franco's primary photoFrancisco Franco Himself (archive footage)  Less 194,415
  • Marie Fredriksson's primary photoMarie Fredriksson Herself (archive footage)  Less 121,759
  • Karina's primary photoKarina Herself (archive footage)  Less 914,680
  • Sangtraït's primary photoSangtraït Themselves (archive footage)  Less 2,090,671
  • Joan Manuel Serrat's primary photoJoan Manuel Serrat Himself (archive footage)  Less 171,022
  • José María Aznar's primary photoJosé María Aznar Himself (archive footage)  Less 1,477,752
  • Chimo Bayo's primary photoChimo Bayo Himself (archive footage)  Less 606,929
  • The Beatles's primary photoThe Beatles Themselves (archive footage)  Less 13,484
  • Juan Carlos de Borbón's primary photoJuan Carlos de Borbón Himself (archive footage)  Less 355,372
  • Sofía de Grecia's primary photoSofía de Grecia Herself (archive footage)  Less 649,285
  • Per Gessle's primary photoPer Gessle Himself (archive footage)  Less 110,109
  • Julio Iglesias's primary photoJulio Iglesias Himself (archive footage)  Less 37,283
  • Michael Jackson's primary photoMichael Jackson Himself (archive footage)  Less 2,473
  • John F. Kennedy's primary photoJohn F. Kennedy Himself (archive footage)  Less 15,469
  • Madonna's primary photoMadonna Herself (archive footage)  Less 2,036
  • Marisol's primary photoMarisol Herself (archive footage)  Less 99,673
  • Mónica Naranjo's primary photoMónica Naranjo Herself (archive footage)  Less 465,069
  • Paco Pastor's primary photoPaco Pastor Himself (archive footage)  Less 1,443,061
  • Els Pets's primary photoEls Pets Themselves (archive footage)  Less 3,525,896
  • Elvis Presley's primary photoElvis Presley Himself (archive footage)  Less 3,421
  • Princess Diana's primary photoPrincess Diana Herself (archive footage)  Less 9,751
  • Gerard Quintana's primary photoGerard Quintana Himself (archive footage)  Less 4,945,664
  • Raphael's primary photoRaphael Himself (archive footage)  Less 70,585
  • Spice Girls's primary photoSpice Girls Themselves (archive footage)  Less 42,321
  • Backstreet Boys's primary photoBackstreet Boys Themselves (archive footage)  Less 24,702
  • Joan Baez's primary photoJoan Baez Herself (archive footage)  Less 30,480
  • The Beach Boys's primary photoThe Beach Boys Themselves (archive footage)  Less 24,864
  • Lou Bega's primary photoLou Bega Himself (archive footage)  Less 81,927
  • Santiago Bernabeu's primary photoSantiago Bernabeu Himself (archive footage)  Less 3,746,801
  • Helena Bianco's primary photoHelena Bianco Herself (archive footage)  Less 989,071
  • Maria del Mar Bonet's primary photoMaria del Mar Bonet Herself (archive footage)  Less 584,296
  • Pierce Brosnan's primary photoPierce Brosnan James Bond (archive footage)  Less 355
  • Andreu Buenafuente's primary photoAndreu Buenafuente Himself (archive footage)  Less 173,520
  • Chiquito de la Calzada's primary photoChiquito de la Calzada Himself (archive footage)  Less 160,730
  • Javier Campillo's primary photoJavier Campillo Himself  Less 1,992,187 1 2008
  • Nacho Campillo's primary photoNacho Campillo Himself (archive footage)  Less 4,535,116
  • José María Cano's primary photoJosé María Cano Himself (archive footage)  Less 466,841
  • Nacho Cano's primary photoNacho Cano Himself (archive footage)  Less 236,511
  • Gabrielle Carteris's primary photoGabrielle Carteris Andrea Zuckerman (archive footage)  Less 7,203
  • Luz Casal's primary photoLuz Casal Herself (archive footage)  Less 439,466
  • Àlex Casanovas's primary photoÀlex Casanovas Himself (archive footage)  Less 187,710
  • Celtas Cortos's primary photoCeltas Cortos Themselves (archive footage)  Less 1,396,150
  • Manu Chao's primary photoManu Chao Himself (archive footage)  Less 135,889
  • Maria Cinta's primary photoMaria Cinta Herself (archive footage)  Less 547,030
  • Joan Clos's primary photoJoan Clos Himself (archive footage)  Less 4,729,284
  • Kurt Cobain's primary photoKurt Cobain Himself (archive footage)  Less 10,865
  • Mario Conde's primary photoMario Conde Himself (archive footage)  Less 835,474
  • Jacques-Yves Cousteau's primary photoJacques-Yves Cousteau Himself (archive footage)  Less 42,517
  • Sergio Dalma's primary photoSergio Dalma Himself (archive footage)  Less 416,691
  • Jordi Dauder's primary photoJordi Dauder Mateu Montsolís (archive footage)  Less 316,383
  • Cristina de Borbón's primary photoCristina de Borbón Herself (archive footage)  Less 1,252,239
  • Elena de Borbón's primary photoElena de Borbón Herself (archive footage)  Less 4,161,540
  • Yvonne De Carlo's primary photoYvonne De Carlo Lily Munster (archive footage)  Less 3,326
  • Jaime de Marichalar's primary photoJaime de Marichalar Himself (archive footage)  Less 1,525,837
  • Héroes del Silencio's primary photoHéroes del Silencio Themselves (archive footage)  Less 3,019,690
  • Linda Evangelista's primary photoLinda Evangelista Herself (archive footage)  Less 20,679
  • Joseph Fiennes's primary photoJoseph Fiennes Will Shakespeare (archive footage)  Less 1,512
  • Lola Flores's primary photoLola Flores Herself (archive footage)  Less 172,586
  • Pemi Fortuny's primary photoPemi Fortuny Himself (archive footage)  Less 3,262,677
  • Carles Francino's primary photoCarles Francino Himself (archive footage)  Less 537,818
  • Gabrielle's primary photoGabrielle Herself (archive footage)  Less 236,661
  • Art Garfunkel's primary photoArt Garfunkel Himself (archive footage)  Less 14,590
  • Janeane Garofalo's primary photoJaneane Garofalo Vickie Miner (archive footage)  Less 2,326
  • Miguel Gila's primary photoMiguel Gila Himself (archive footage)  Less 718,421
  • Soledad Giménez's primary photoSoledad Giménez Herself (archive footage)  Less 1,421,137
  • Felipe González's primary photoFelipe González Himself (archive footage)  Less 250,203
  • Hugh Grant's primary photoHugh Grant Charles (archive footage)  Less 1,295
  • José Guardiola's primary photoJosé Guardiola Himself (archive footage)  Less 3,217,698
  • Juan Luis Guerra's primary photoJuan Luis Guerra Himself (archive footage)  Less 116,811
  • Fred Gwynne's primary photoFred Gwynne Herman Munster (archive footage)  Less 3,703
  • Françoise Hardy's primary photoFrançoise Hardy Herself (archive footage)  Less 50,398
  • Ethan Hawke's primary photoEthan Hawke Troy Dyer (archive footage)  Less 684
  • Jimi Hendrix's primary photoJimi Hendrix Himself (archive footage)  Less 20,287
  • Jarabe de Palo's primary photoJarabe de Palo Themselves (archive footage)  Less 2,325,328
  • Elton John's primary photoElton John Himself (archive footage)  Less 6,164
  • Magic Johnson's primary photoMagic Johnson Himself (archive footage)  Less 23,266
  • Jacqueline Kennedy's primary photoJacqueline Kennedy Herself (archive footage)  Less 21,488
  • Martin Luther King's primary photoMartin Luther King Himself (archive footage)  Less 32,003
  • Lenny Kravitz's primary photoLenny Kravitz Himself (archive footage)  Less 4,005
  • La Oreja de Van Gogh's primary photoLa Oreja de Van Gogh Themselves (archive footage)  Less 3,717,840
  • Michael Laudrup's primary photoMichael Laudrup Himself (archive footage)  Less 762,443
  • Lax'n'Busto's primary photoLax'n'Busto Themselves (archive footage)  Less 995,353
  • Jack Lemmon's primary photoJack Lemmon Felix Ungar (archive footage)  Less 3,601
  • John Lennon's primary photoJohn Lennon Himself (archive footage)  Less 10,385
  • Annie Lennox's primary photoAnnie Lennox Herself (archive footage)  Less 17,471
  • Carlos Leon's primary photoCarlos Leon Himself (archive footage)  Less 18,991
  • Lluís Llach's primary photoLluís Llach Himself (archive footage)  Less 682,915
  • Jennifer Lopez's primary photoJennifer Lopez Herself (archive footage)  Less 704
  • Lulu's primary photoLulu Herself (archive footage)  Less 13,971
  • José Luis López Vázquez's primary photoJosé Luis López Vázquez Himself (archive footage)  Less 101,084
  • Andie MacDowell's primary photoAndie MacDowell Carrie (archive footage)  Less 2,108
  • Coque Malla's primary photoCoque Malla Himself (archive footage)  Less 258,459
  • The Mamas and the Papas's primary photoThe Mamas and the Papas Themselves (archive footage)  Less 65,689
  • Los Manolos's primary photoLos Manolos Themselves (archive footage)  Less 2,632,524
  • Pasqual Maragall's primary photoPasqual Maragall Himself (archive footage)  Less 771,953
  • Massiel's primary photoMassiel Herself (archive footage)  Less 250,714
  • Walter Matthau's primary photoWalter Matthau Oscar Madison (archive footage)  Less 3,976
  • Brian May's primary photoBrian May Himself (archive footage)  Less 22,673
  • Freddie Mercury's primary photoFreddie Mercury Himself (archive footage)  Less 9,746
  • George Michael's primary photoGeorge Michael Himself (archive footage)  Less 16,136
  • Antoni Miquel's primary photoAntoni Miquel Himself (archive footage)  Less 3,154,291
  • Jim Morrison's primary photoJim Morrison Himself (archive footage)  Less 19,987
  • Kate Moss's primary photoKate Moss Herself (archive footage)  Less 6,984
  • Mother Teresa's primary photoMother Teresa Herself (archive footage)  Less 94,956
  • Nek's primary photoNek Himself (archive footage)  Less 368,820
  • Nirvana's primary photoNirvana Themselves (archive footage)  Less 49,717
  • Sinéad O'Connor's primary photoSinéad O'Connor Herself (archive footage)  Less 849
  • Oasis's primary photoOasis Themselves (archive footage)  Less 50,105
  • Yoko Ono's primary photoYoko Ono Herself (archive footage)  Less 24,318
  • Roy Orbison's primary photoRoy Orbison Himself (archive footage)  Less 26,452
  • Palito Ortega's primary photoPalito Ortega Himself (archive footage)  Less 213,509
  • Gwyneth Paltrow's primary photoGwyneth Paltrow Viola De Lesseps (archive footage)  Less 590
  • Marisa Paredes's primary photoMarisa Paredes Becky del Páramo (archive footage)  Less 23,205
  • Marc Parrot's primary photoMarc Parrot El Chaval de la Peca (archive footage)  Less 1,020,556
  • Pearl Jam's primary photoPearl Jam Themselves (archive footage)  Less 37,422
  • Michelle Pfeiffer's primary photoMichelle Pfeiffer Catwoman (archive footage)  Less 602
  • River Phoenix's primary photoRiver Phoenix Himself (archive footage)  Less 621
  • Quico Pi de la Serra's primary photoQuico Pi de la Serra Himself (archive footage)  Less 2,788,335
  • Carmen Polo's primary photoCarmen Polo Herself (archive footage)  Less 1,007,407
  • Priscilla Presley's primary photoPriscilla Presley Herself (archive footage)  Less 3,214
  • Presuntos Implicados's primary photoPresuntos Implicados Themselves (archive footage)  Less 5,150,585
  • Prince Charles's primary photoPrince Charles Himself (archive footage)  Less 22,093
  • Jonathan Pryce's primary photoJonathan Pryce Elliot Carver (archive footage)  Less 632
  • Miqui Puig's primary photoMiqui Puig Himself (archive footage)  Less 596,230
  • Queen's primary photoQueen Themselves (archive footage)  Less 31,175
  • Raimon's primary photoRaimon Himself (archive footage)  Less 1,014,101
  • Joan Reig's primary photoJoan Reig Himself (archive footage)  Less 3,845,655
  • Carmen Romero's primary photoCarmen Romero Herself (archive footage)  Less 4,657,172
  • Los Ronaldos's primary photoLos Ronaldos Themselves (archive footage)  Less 3,015,128
  • Christina Rosenvinge's primary photoChristina Rosenvinge Herself (archive footage)  Less 400,876
  • Diana Ross's primary photoDiana Ross Herself (archive footage)  Less 7,608
  • Marina Rossell's primary photoMarina Rossell Herself (archive footage)  Less 4,994,745
  • José María Ruiz Mateos's primary photoJosé María Ruiz Mateos Himself (archive footage)  Less 830,430
  • Winona Ryder's primary photoWinona Ryder Lelaina Pierce (archive footage)  Less 427
  • Salomé's primary photoSalomé Herself (archive footage)  Less 209,278
  • Salt-N-Pepa's primary photoSalt-N-Pepa Themselves (archive footage)  Less 69,328
  • Alejandro Sanz's primary photoAlejandro Sanz Himself (archive footage)  Less 90,715
  • Claudia Schiffer's primary photoClaudia Schiffer Herself (archive footage)  Less 8,755
  • Araceli Segarra's primary photoAraceli Segarra Herself (archive footage)  Less 272,564
  • Carmen Sevilla's primary photoCarmen Sevilla Herself (archive footage)  Less 64,759
  • Paul Simon's primary photoPaul Simon Himself (archive footage)  Less 12,234
  • Bruce Springsteen's primary photoBruce Springsteen Himself (archive footage)  Less 9,911
  • Imelda Staunton's primary photoImelda Staunton Nurse (archive footage)  Less 2,568
  • Michael Stipe's primary photoMichael Stipe Himself (archive footage)  Less 16,741
  • Txell Sust's primary photoTxell Sust Herself (archive footage)  Less 2,047,295
  • Take That's primary photoTake That Themselves (archive footage)  Less 140,860
  • Margaret Thatcher's primary photoMargaret Thatcher Herself (archive footage)  Less 37,322
  • Ana Torroja's primary photoAna Torroja Herself (archive footage)  Less 244,522
  • Twiggy's primary photoTwiggy Herself (archive footage)  Less 12,579
  • Iñaki Urdangarín's primary photoIñaki Urdangarín Himself (archive footage)  Less 2,759,326
  • José Luis Uribarri's primary photoJosé Luis Uribarri Himself (archive footage)  Less 469,325
  • Louis van Gaal's primary photoLouis van Gaal Himself (archive footage)  Less 404,962
  • Concha Velasco's primary photoConcha Velasco Herself (archive footage)  Less 30,263
  • Emma Vilarasau's primary photoEmma Vilarasau Eulàlia Montsolís (archive footage)  Less 209,232
  • Andy Warhol's primary photoAndy Warhol Himself (archive footage)  Less 14,972
  • Wet Wet Wet's primary photoWet Wet Wet Themselves (archive footage)  Less 169,810
  • Robbie Williams's primary photoRobbie Williams Himself (archive footage)  Less 15,984
  • Steve Zahn's primary photoSteve Zahn Sammy Gray (archive footage)  Less 1,947
  • Anna Barrachina's primary photoAnna Barrachina Estrellita Verdiales (archive footage) (uncredited)  Less 341,654
  • José Corbacho's primary photoJosé Corbacho Saxo de Les Garçons de la France (archive footage) (uncredited)  Less 175,392
  • Gabino Diego's primary photoGabino Diego Mane (archive footage) (uncredited)  Less 68,521
  • Santi Millán's primary photoSanti Millán Jean-François (archive footage) (uncredited)  Less 77,687
  • Eli Wallach's primary photoEli Wallach Sheldon Dodge (archive footage) (uncredited)  Less 2,367
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