Zulie Perfect

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5' 4" (1.63m)
Performs ages 30-40
Blond(e) (Long)
125 lbs
Equestrian | Swimming | Yoga | Aerobics | Ice Skating | Softball  Less
excellent at using accents in a character role | Southern | German | Spanish | French | Italian | Australian | Russian | Irish | British  Less
Ballet | Club/Freestyle | Waltz | Belly | Disco | Jazz | Tango | Hula | Salsa  Less
Film | Internet | Radio | Television | Theater  Less
* Starred info submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume (has not been verified by IMDb).

Additional Credits (submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume)

  • Wherever You Go I am with You by Brad Pitt Chanel 5 * – I was the reason Brad created the ad and the inspiration for the words he spoke. Chanel
  • Gyspy Monoloque * – Gyspy -A fortune telling gyspy who channels many characters within a few minutes time. The comedic performance was debuted at a successful audition in Spaghetti Warehouse Dinner Theatre Columbus, Ohio location. I was asked to transform myself into different characterizations.I was not able to take the position since by the time the new rotation occurred I was very newly pregnant.This assignment led to a free "spirited"monolgue that allows the actor to explore several voice and character variations within a short period of time and still have it make sense.I used the role again at Wilhelmina Modelin Agency in PA(early 2010) Spaghetti Warehouse,Columbus, Ohio/ and HRartestry
  • Catalog/Spokesemodel * – I was approached at a night club, partially because of my dancing,and given a card by a Harley Davidson executive. He asked me if I was interested in posing for their next catalog.My husband at the time did not feel it was a good idea to start something when I had young children so putting my family first. I declined the offer. I later did work at another Harley Davidson as appearance work. Harley Davidson
  • Bike show * – model/Runway Model Axis of Steel(2009)
  • Image of the Week(2008,2009,2010) * – Model Biker or Not
  • Zulie * – Burlesque dancer and entertainer,I performed in one of the top clubs in the US along with Penthouse Pets, reigning national title holders like Miss Showgirl and other celebs. In the audience,were NBA players, NFL players, National Collegiate Bowl Commitee Members, local media celebrities, Penthouse owner's son, some of Wycelf Jean's distant family who came to see me,and even Paris Hilton had a connection who dropped by. Foriegn businessman from all over the world including Bosche and other big companies.Real Estate monguls owning high rise apartment buildings and even some of the Limited exeutives.It was a unique place. Buck/Columbus Gold (2002 as waitress/dancing in 2008,last appearance 2009)
  • Vimeo Videos * – dancer/actress Zulieperfect
  • Youtube Videos * – Dancer /actress zulieperfect1
  • Beyonce Dance for You Burlesque video * – Dancer-Beyonce was involved with the dance routine HRArtestry
  • Love Somebody Rick Springfield Acrobatic and Burlesque Routine * – Dancer/lead HRartestry
  • You'd Be Surprised Marilyn Monroe Parody * – Marilyn Monroe HRartestry
  • Hips Don't Lie Belly Dance Video * – Belly Dancer/ Burlesque HRatestry
  • Happy Homemaker Parody * – Housewife HRartestry
  • Waiting Getting Ready to Go Fantasy Parody * – Actress HRartestry
  • BeyoncĂ© Dance for You - Dance and Instructional Video with outtakes * – Dancer HRArtestry
  • How To Striptease-based upon the famous 9 1/2 weeks sequence * – Dancer HRArtestry
  • Hips Don't Lie -Bellydancing * – Dancer HRARtestry
  • How to Striptease in a Fun and Flirty Way - Showgirl style * – Dancer/actress HRartestry
  • Hotel Translyvania * – Inspiration behind some of the characters one of them was Griffin, another one was the Vampire. Columbia Pictures
  • What the Democratic Party Means to Me (Summer 2010) * – democratic party supporter and Ohio voter Democratic National Party/Ted Strickland was in charge

Additional Awards (submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume)

  • States Teen Theatre Contest * – Actress
  • Urban Dictionary * – Defintion Added 2010
  • Biker or Not * – Most Popular Photo of the day 2011
  • Biker or Not * – Most Popular Photo of The Week 2009
  • Biker or Not * – Top Photo of the Week 2009
  • Biker or Not * – Top Photos of the Day 2011
  • Camp Organizing For America * – Certificate of Completion of New Media 101 Training 2011

References (submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume)

  • Nicole Kidman * – distant relative 1-310-289-6200
  • Wyclef Jean * – My Godfather's close friend 1-212-833-8000
  • Dr Oliver McGee * – friend for many years 1-202-806-6600
  • Holly Madison * – Close friend 1-310-246-4600
  • Hugh Hefner * – close friend 1-323-276-4000
  • Simon Cowell * – close friend 1 310 435 1034
  • Brad Pitt * – former boyfriend & close friend 1-310-275-2135
  • Jennifer Aniston * – Friend,I was the basis of one of her film characters.Brad Pitt helped her understand me better +1 310 461 0100
  • Peyton Manning * – former boyfriend &close friend 1- 424 288 2000
  • Tom Cruise * – former boyfriend &close friend 1 212 277 7555
  • Jake Tapper * – close friend of my Godfather 404-827-1500
  • Bill Clinton * – friend of my Godfather & friend 1 202 434 5034
  • Eric Clapton * – Distant relative &friend 1 310 854 4800
  • Katie Holmes * – close friend 1 212 631 5025
  • Nelly * – friend 1 310 550 4000

Additional Resume Info (submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume)

  • * My wedding Anniversary is September 15,2008.
    Available for script review, modeling work/magazine with my own photog/hubby,and for consulting work. I was given the opportunity to join and study with a professional theatre company at the Jersey shore as a teenager. The program was an internship with housing provided. I did not accept the honor. I wanted to stay close to my family. I had won acting competitions from the school I attended including Best Actress and other honors.

    I am a daily runner and athletic. I ran 10 miles in Relay For The Cure West Jefferson , Ohio location at West Jefferson High School track ,less than 6 months after giving birth to my youngest child. I have practiced Yoga since 2000 on and off. My regular Yoga practice began in 2013 along with Meditation or Mindfulness training.

    I have been known all over as Zulie since 2008. I came up with the name Zulie based upon my Christian background.It is a Christian name. I was doing appearance work as Zulie in tradeshows, modeling, events, 1 club and more in 2008

    Along with my Zulie persona, I am currently developing 3 new comedic characters with different name. One is a off shoot of my gamer girl personal traits. This gamer character is always trying to introduce humor into computer games whenever she pops up something funny usually happens. Another is a fictionalized creation of a 6th century Philosopher. The other is a personification of the lives of the 4 cats whom I adore. Luckily one of my cats has the showbiz personality and loves photoshoots with clothing as well as seems to have an uncanny way of doing things that no other cat I have ever seen do. I have adopted cats since 2008 from local shelters and donate to one on a regular basis.

    My social media reach (began in 2008) currently is over 60,000 between websites, modeling connections, myspace,youtube and other social networks. My youtube channel has close to 1 million views. I have been releasing some previously unseen videos. The blog I write was on track to break over 1 million visitors in its first year. As long as I keep writing, people will keep reading. I am grateful for their interest.

    I am not affiliated with the other person who started using Zulie as her actress name in March 2016 after seeing me.Just to clear up any confusion I am not in any way affiliated with her and I don't endorse or support her.

    Zulie Perfect is a US registered trademark #4299946

    I began acting as a preteen at Grice Middle School, New Jersey in the stage production of Oliver. I was Nancy in the musical where I worked alongside high school actors cast in roles.

    Modeling has always been a way of life. At an early age, I worked with a photographer who used my images to compete and win photography contests. My husband is a talented photographer and artist.We often work together. Ohio, New York, Chicago, Kentucky ,Pennsylvania and other states are places I have done professionally modeling work starting in 2008.

    I have performed in Swan Lake and other formal dance recitals. I danced in Swan Lake at the War Memorial Theatre in Trenton NJ with the rest of my dance school Miss Beverly's Dance Studio -Hamilton ,New Jersey.

    I have done radio interviews with local Stations such as NPR(starting in 2001) and a country music station in Columbus(92.3 fm) at event such as the Arnold Classic Tournament (March 5,2010)and as an environmental activist who spoke before Columbus City Council.(October 2001)

    TV Interviews local Pittsburgh news were done in April 2008 as a volunteer for the Hillary campaign. I was interviewed by one of the nightly news reporters for the local affiliates at the Pittsburgh Hillary Campaign Headquarters after a Soap Opera Star gave her endorsement at the morning press conference. The second Media coverage that weekend was at the "Honk and Wave" in the downtown shopping area. One example of Media coverage event I was involved in was February 12, 2008 at the Westin Hotel, Columbus, Ohio. the media event was to announce Governor Ted Strickland's and Former Senator John Glenn's endorsement of Hillary Clinton.The Westin Hotel is also the same Hotel in Columbus, where I attended a Playboy Event, met Kyle Gass after running into his band several times that weekend and I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with Chelsea Clinton. The Westin has excellent organic food.

    March 5, 2008 I was covered by the media during Hillary's Celebration Party by invitation only in Columbus Ohio when she won the state of Ohio in 2008.I was on the stage in the lower level front row. Both Hillary and Chelsea stopped to talk to me briefly before moving on to the Podium to speak.
    In Columbus, Ohio I gave interviews for Healthcare Reform on several occasions with the local news. One example was at The Town Hall meeting given at Ohio State University on August 12,2009. I was interviewed by several reporters on my feelings about Healthcare Reform and my response to the way the Tea Party was reacting to it.
    Another Healthcare Reform interview I did aired on the local nightly news in Columbus,Ohio. The interview was held at a Healthcare Reform Phone Bank that I was involved with at Colin's Coffee in Upper Arlington(Winter 2010)Met Al Gore and others at a private in home Tailgate Party Fall 2010. I was asked to work with the media by the Dem Party starting in 2008 at several events including those held at Ohio State University and other locations. I received training for that and have a certificate from Organizing for America.

    During my volunteer work, I have enjoyed spending time with John and Annie Glenn(starting in 2008 until 2010), Ted and Frances Strickland(including 1 invite to the Govenor's Mansion along with other activists), Lee Fisher, Sean Astin(2008), Matthew Morrison, Pat Schroeder(2010), Catherine Heigl, Martin Sheen, Sherrod Brown, Mary Jo Kilroy, Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, some of the members of the cast of Heroes and other Democratic Party leaders. Some events were private invites hosted at the home of Barbra Sokol. I held several volunteer titles such as National Field Advisor with Organizing For America(2008), Staging Director (Nov. 2008)and other titles as a political activist.I hosted phone banks at the Dem Party Headquarters, marched in parades with candidates, trained SB5 signature collection staff as part of a presentation, trained canvassers and hosted canvassing events, and more. I was asked to travel for the Dem Party doing campaign work in several states including West Virginia, Pennsylvania and others- 2008.
    Other volunteer work or titles included elected Trustee of two neighborhoods during the time I was living in each of them (1st time in 2000),elected or appointed Planning Commissioner of a small city and environmental positions including one with the Ohio Sierra Club. The local Sierra Club and another volunteer environmental group called PEER (at the time) asked me to attend training to run as a Green Party candidate 2002. As neighborhood trustee, I was able to help reduce costs by negotiating a better deal thereby creating a reduction in dues to the homeowners. I was appointed and asked to serve a second term but declined.

    2004 A partner and I worked directly with the armorers and technical consultants that worked on Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Island at War, Enemy at the Gates and others. We handled the sale and positioning of the props used as well as the original historical pieces. Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg were aware that we were working with the pieces used in their films and both were very pleased and proud to be working with us. The rapport between us and Tom and Stephen was built by the armorers who respected our work and knowledge. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was one of our well known clients. One prop gun went to one of the Arizona State Police. They received one of two stuntman's gun used in Saving Private Ryan and band of Brothers. Some of the guns or props were placed in Museums in the UK all accordance with UK laws deacts and US laws. Armorers are legal experts, mechnical experts as well as historical experts in their fields. They are some of the smartest people you could ever meet.

    I have taken Ballet, Tap , Jazz, Hula, Belly,and many other forms of dance since preschool.

    My teaching skills include aerobics,boot camp aerobics, body sculpting, belly dancing in gyms in two states ( OH & NJ), churches and even the Prom Promise Aerobics Class starting in 1998 until 2002 . I have lectured at 1 International Convention on Natural Foods, in school and libraries on the same subject starting in 1995.

    I lectured at Oregon State University Women's Center in October 2006 on spirituality because of my understanding of paranormal activity and my deep held belief in the presence of angels in my life.

    November 2009 I was asked to participate in ceremonies involving the famous Hougan Max Beauvoir. I stayed with him in Haiti.

    My views in the modeling industry hit 1.5 million in 2013.
    I have made public appearances as Zulie since 2008 at tradeshows including one with several Playmates such as Kara Monaco and Cathy St. George.

    Spokesmodel/tradeshow work and public appearances for companies like Zia Cosmetics(I was their rep as well as appearance work in my terriotory), Hero Nutritionals, Nutrition Now, and Champion Nutrition in stores such as Whole Foods and Wild Oats and tradeshows such as NPA/MAHO, Natural Products East and others. My appearance and tradeshow work involved the following states Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois since 2001. One appearance at the Ohio State Fair as a Spokesmodel 2008. I began as a sales rep in the Natural Food Industry for almost 10 years with the same company.


    Myspace page https://myspace.com/fairyneuf

    Vimeo Videos https://vimeo.com/39511818

    Fan based site for fun to share http://www.zuliesfans.com/

    My blog Zulie Perfect's Fans - http://zulieperfectfans.blogspot.com/

    August 21,2008 My artwork was seen in items in the Red Carpet Bags used at Hot in Hollywood. Here is an article on Hot In Hollywood. There were more celebrities at the event then what the article lists. 2008 asked to do a Film Festival in Hollywood right after my help in "Hot in Hollywood" since my participation was exceptional. The woman was an event planner not linked with the AIDS Healthcare foundation. https://www.looktothestars.org/news/1145-stars-prove-they-are-hot-in-hollywood

    I contribute regular artwork to other charities. The donations are made through Fairy Neuf.

    Adventures in Platinum Blondeum and Blondesense are my creations blogs and humor writings began to be publically seen in 2008 online but was a part of my routine writings for years. I wrote 1 book,current version unseen, yet sold. The book will be published as part of a series. Details to come :)

    My religion supports the belief in reincarnation. My memories confirm that belief. The important people in my past lives like my fathers, mothers, sisters, husbands, children and others all share the same memories of me. The memories appear as flashbacks that we all have seen on our own, but mutually confirm the same flashbacks of each other.

    National Art Honors Society for my art.- Northern Burlington High School Columbus,NJ
    Art Major- Kean College
    Jr high,High School (Northern Burlington High School Columbus,New Jersey -Mrs Valerie Gargus) and college training(Ohio State University Columbus,Ohio) in theater.
    Improvisation training in high school and college including use of accents in the creation of characters.

    The Interviews relating to Brad and Peyton have been sold.
    They will be released to the public and everything will be come public knowledge at the some point in the future at the time that Brad and Zulie agree and at the time that Peyton and Zulie agree. Zulie's relationship with Peyton began before she became Zulie. When she was referred to as Evonne. Peyton still calls Zulie Evonne.
    I am currently working on other projects.
  • *
* Starred info submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume (has not been verified by IMDb).
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