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Additional Credits (submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume)

  • Ludington's Ride (optioned, in development) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • Ludington's Ride 2: The Adventure of the Tory Gold (optioned, in development) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • Ludington's Ride 3: Vixen's Revenge (optioned, in development) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • Founding Fathers (optioned, in development) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • Ameristan (optioned) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • The Rankin Paradox (optioned) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • Ransom in D-Major (negotiating) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • The Problem of Cell 13 (optioned) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • Ben-Yehuda: Son of Zion (optioned) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • Without Due Process (optioned, in development) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • Forever the Boys (negotiating) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • And He Built a Crooked House (negotiating) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • Who Moved the Stone? (negotiating) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • Sky Heist (negotiating) * – Writer Fidelis Entertainment
  • The Minnesota Connection (picture completed) * – Writer

Additional Awards (submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume)

  • Religion in Media "Angel" Award * – Radio Spots 1977
  • Scriptapalooza * – Finalist -- Best New Screenplay

References (submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume)

  • Jonathan Lawrence * – Director 310-951-9686

Prior Job Titles (submitted by page owner via IMDb Resume)

  • Wrtier-Producer *
  • Writer *

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Bio Summary
  • * Charles Welty started writing in radio in 1976. After completing an award-winning radio documentary (The Spirit in Â’76), he went on to produce a series of public service announcements (radio and television) for the Faith America Foundation. Mr. Welty was later retained to write the screenplay for Minnesota Connection, based on the popular Warner paperback. (The picture starred Joseph Campanella and Rosie Greer.)

    Charles Welty joined the Writers Guild of America in 1981. Mr. Welty went on to write and co-produce the pilot for a television series, Build it, America!, which was produced by CCR Video in Hollywood, a publicly-traded company. In 1984, he wrote a full-length treatment for a motion picture fantasy adventure called AltarionÂ’s Hero. After writing and producing numerous radio and television commercials for a number of years, Mr. Welty went on to write a feature-length science fiction mystery/thriller for theatrical release, The Rankin Paradox.

    In 1997, Mr. Welty began the background research on Forever the Boys, and recommended writer-director Mark Byers to prepare the first draft of the screen story for the picture. Mr. Welty went on to prepare the first draft of the screenplay for Forever the Boys, the biographical motion picture on the life and work of the Three Stooges.

    In 1998, Mr. Welty began to develop Venture Theater, a 45-minute stage play on entrepreneurship for young people. He completed the screenplay for Without Due Process, a political-action thriller, in January of 2001. Mr. Welty completed the script for The Problem of Cell 13, a suspense thriller, in October of 2001. He completed Ben-Yehuda in October of 2002.

    Mr. Welty completed Ludington's Ride in January of 2003 and Ludington's Ride 2 and Ludington's Ride 3 in November of 2003. In February of 2004, he began the process of adapting the first script into a novel with Steve Hart. The first of the Ludington's Ride novels was published in August of 2004 and can be purchased through any Barnes and Noble store, or online from the Ludington's Ride Company Store. Ludington's Ride 2 is expected to be released in 2009.

    In April of 2004, Mr. Welty completed the script for Ameristan, a political-action thriller, and began the process of adapting the script into a novel with David Scott. The novel is expected to be released concurrent with the development of the motion picture.

    He went on to complete Founding Fathers in 2007 and is currently working on Ransom in D-Major.

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    Charles Welty ( is the Managing Director of the Welty Brothers Studios, LLC, of Bellflower, California, a wholly owned subsidiary of SWANsat Holdings, LLC. He is a graduate (B.A., 1974) of California State University at Fullerton, California. Mr. Welty is a member of long standing of the Writers Guild of America (west). He is the author of dozens of motion picture, radio, and television screenplays. He lives in southern California, where he is a partner with his twin brother William in managing Welty Brothers Studios and SWANsat Marketing, also owned by SWANsat Holdings LLC.
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    Ameristan (2002)
    Story in One Sentence: Arabian Nights meets The Patriot.
    Story Synopsis: Ameristan is a political thriller premised on the unthinkable: The United States of America is now a conservative Muslim state where Islamic Sharia is the law of the land. You still can’t post the Ten Commandments in public schools, but Allah help you if you don’t recite the Qur’an three times a day.
    And He Built a Crooked House (2009)
    Story in One Sentence: Labyrinth meets Mission Impossible. Based on Robert Heinlein’s classic short story.
    Story Synopsis: Architect QUINTUS TEAL builds a house in the form of a tesseract for a client. The ultra-modern design has a flaw: it's based on an unstable four-dimensional geometric figure. When an earthquake causes the newly-completed house to collapse, Teal and his clients HOMER and MATILDA make the grave error of entering. They find that once inside, every door and window opens into another room of the house, or into another dimension. The problem: how do they get out?
    Ben-Yehuda: Son of Zion (2002, 2014)
    Story in One Sentence: Exodus meets The Patriot.
    Story Synopsis: A biopic based on the life and work of ELIEZER BEN-YEHUDA, the philologist and Zionist whose pioneering work resulted in the revival of Hebrew from a language used only in prayer and Talmudic scholarship into the spoken language of today. Authenticated for historical accuracy by the family of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda.
    Christmas Card (Short Film: 2011)
    Story in One Sentence: There are angels among us.
    Story Synopsis: A lonely mountain road finds two out of town strangers hitch-hiking through the snow-covered hills. Joseph and his very pregnant wife Mary are poor, thinly clothed for the weather, and tired. The young couple comes across a small country church celebrating Christmas with an annual exchange of Christmas cards. They are at first ignored by all except a very elderly woman, Miss Jenny, who claims she has brought a Christmas card just for them. And it has their names on it. How can that be?
    Forever the Boys (1996)
    Story in One Sentence: Chariots of Fire meets Chaplin.
    Story Synopsis: Forever the Boys is a biographical motion picture on the most beloved comedy team in the history of the motion picture industry: Moe Howard and the Three Stooges™. Referred to as "the Boys" by the film professionals who worked with them, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Jerry "Curly" Howard and Shemp Howard created a comedy style that remains as popular today as it was in the 1930s when they began their record-breaking 25-year association with Columbia Pictures.
    Founding Fathers (2007) [with 2 sequels under development]
    Story in One Sentence: Five of the most influential people in the founding of America travel forward in time to see what becomes of the Grand Experiment.
    Story Synopsis: Five men seek shelter in the canopy of a covered bridge during what appears to be a lightning storm. GEORGE WASHINGTON, ALEXANDER HAMILTON, THOMAS JEFFERSON, JOHN ADAMS and BENJAMIN FRANKLIN move onto the bridge, out of the storm that rages around the bridge and into a mist at the end of the covered bridge. They emerge out into the daylight—of 21st century America.
    Harvey and the Time Machine (2007)
    Story in One Sentence: When you dream for a living, what do you do when your dream actually comes true?
    Story Synopsis: Harvey Mason is an old-school special effects wizard who is called on to create a time machine for a low-budget science fiction film (actually, our feature film The Rankin Paradox) without resorting to computer imagery. Harvey prepares to shoot the picture without CGI effects, getting some help from his next door neighbor kid, Marshall. But Harvey does his job too well. Harvey and Marshall discover to their shock and consternation that Harvey’s time machine really works.
    Love and Gravestones (2012)
    Story in One Sentence: Ghost meets Topper in this dark romantic comedy. A girl, a gravestone, and a ghost: How long would you wait for love?
    Story Synopsis: GWEN SIMONS is one lonely young woman. Her five year romance with the love of her life is over, so seeks new employment as Development Director for the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia. One afternoon at twilight, she comes across a young man who is searching for something among the gravestones. Later, she stumbles across an interment card with the young man’s name and burial date. That's right. Gwen Simon’s new boyfriend is a ghost.
    Ludington’s Ride 1 (2003-2010)
    Ludington’s Ride 2
    Ludington’s Ride 3
    Ludington’s Ride 4
    Story in One Sentence: A young country. A young hero. Ludington's Ride 2 (The Adventure of the Tory Gold), Ludington's Ride 3 (Vixen’s Revenge), and Ludington's Ride 4 (The Adventure of the Ghost Riders) — Nancy Drew meets The Wild, Wild West.
    Story Synopsis: Ludington's Ride is the first of a three-part motion picture franchise (with a possible fourth film as a fourth theatrical release or possibly as a pilot for a television series). The franchise is an action-adventure series of films set during the time of the American Revolution.
    Mesquite Justice (2010)
    Story in One Sentence: The gold. The guns. The girls. The glory.
    Story Synopsis: Destiny joins four men on a train bound for Mesquite, Arizona in this Western adventure set in the 1880's. Along for the ride is WILLIE “BOOTS” ACTON, a charming ne’er-do-well. “Wha'd he do?” “Bank robbery, cattle rustlin', petty larceny, assault, theft, dischargin’ a firearm in city limits, cheatin’ at cards,” is Boots’ laconic response. “And cussin’ in church,”
    Mr. 880 (2009)
    Story in One Sentence: One man. One plan. One dollar.
    Story Synopsis: Edward Mueller is the most prolific and sought-after counterfeiter in American history. Dozens of agents have been working in vain for ten years to find him. He is known only by his Treasury Department file number: Mister 880. What is his masterpiece of counterfeit art, his bill of choice? Is it is the one hundred dollar bill? The fifty? The twenty? The ten? The five? No. Surely not… surely not the one dollar bill? Yep.
    Ransom in D Major (2013)
    Story in One Sentence: Five kids, one priceless cello, a symphony of trouble.
    Story Synopsis: In this comedy-adventure, five Philadelphia area middle school students face a problem: their music program is being canceled because of financial cutbacks. What can they do to save their musical education?

    Romeo and Juliet—and Zombies (2013)
    Story in One Sentence: The Bard meets Dawn of the Dead.
    Story Synopsis: The conspiracy was vast. The secret: hidden for centuries. The master conspirator: William Shakespeare, the world’s most famous playwright. But now, the truth can finally be told. The Montagues. The Capulets. The fight that that brought those noble families together was against a common enemy. An undead enemy. For in fair Verona, the dead walked the streets.
    Sky Heist (2011)
    Story in One Sentence: Break the Bank at 30,000 feet.
    Story Synopsis: Alan Burkett is a thief. He’s not a petty thief, mind you. He’s a world-class thief with a penchant for high-tech heists. “A safe is a safe,” he notes. “Some just take a little more work to crack.” Burkett, now in retirement, takes up a challenge to board a brand new flying casino. And break the bank. In mid-air...
    Tesla: Man out of Time (2008)
    Story in One Sentence: Biopic on the life of Nicola Tesla.
    Story Synopsis: A chronicle of the life of legendary genius Nicola Tesla, chief rival to Thomas Edison and inventor of radio. His foibles and failures. His triumphs and tragedies. Arguably the most important unheralded inventor of the 19th and 20th centuries comes alive in a classic scrip
    The Littlest Cop (2010)
    Story in One Sentence: A little dog. A local problem. A lot of fun.
    Story Synopsis: Deputy Sheriff Tracy “One Punch” Masters, a former boxer, is in charge of the county's K-9 units. Her police K-9 dogs are tearing apart autos and vans with nothing to show for it, especially when the drugs that were once there are no longer present. One day a Chihuahua puppy arrives. The pint-sized pup is a whiz at locating drugs without tearing up vehicles. Dubbed Midge, the mutt is put to work and soon excels at busting the bad guys. But they put out a hit on Deputy Dog and even go to lengths to attempt to poison Geauga County's Littlest Cop. So it’s a race to bust the bad guys, expose the conspiracy, and solve a big problem with a little dog.
    The Miracle of the Monarchs (2014)
    Story in One Sentence: Discover the power of a dream.
    Story Synopsis: In this coming-of-age tale set in 1962, two children in a small Iowa town long for deliverance from a nightmare during the Cuban missile crisis. Klaxons are blaring outside of Lincoln Elementary School as traffic moves blissfully down the residential streets of Fort Madison, Iowa. It’s Monday morning, October 22, 1962. The world is about to change, and not just for two very special 10-year-olds in Mrs. Hensel’s fifth grade classroom.
    The Rankin Paradox (2002, 2012) [double feature release planned]
    Story in One Sentence: A science fiction morality play about the price of obsession.
    Story Synopsis: The Rankin Paradox is about the price of obsession and regret and, more importantly, it’s about who ultimately pays that price. Dr. Charles Rankin is obsessed to find the secret of time travel. Why is he so obsessed? What makes him driven to discover this secret? He will find that by taking a disastrous shortcut to his goal, he becomes the unwitting cause of his own anguish.
    The Problem of Cell 13 (2001)
    Story in One Sentence: Sherlock Holmes meets Mission Impossible.
    Story Synopsis: PROFESSOR AUGUSTUS S.F.X. VAN DUSEN is an eminent scientist and intellectual of the early 1900’s. One evening, he is in a discussion with his friends, who challenge him to find a way out of the notorious Chisholm Prison, an impossible task. Van Dusen accepts the challenge. Wearing nothing but his shirt, trousers, socks and shoes, Van Dusen is given one week to escape.
    Walt (2010)
    Story in One Sentence: Imaginative. Creative. Inspired. Obsessed.
    Story Synopsis: From his formative years in Marceline, Missouri, through the creation of the Mouse and the building of an entertainment industry empire, to the construction of Disneyland, Walt is the definitive biographical motion picture screenplay on the life and work of the incomparable Walt Disney. The script was written from over two dozen authoritative sources and is being developed very much apart from the suggestive input of the Walt Disney organization.
    Without Due Process (2010)
    Story in One Sentence: Erin Brockovich meets The Patriot.
    Story Synopsis: Wishing to preserve his fifth amendment rights, in a letter to a local newspaper, Denver school teacher BILL CONKLIN questions the legality of being required to file a federal tax return. An IRS audit and federal court case ensue and Conklin gains support from an unlikely source: IRS Special Agent JONATHAN BALLINGER begins to research the fifth amendment rights of taxpayers after hearing activist DEBORAH  KITCHENS on a national radio talk show
    ATA Girl
    Story in One Sentence: Bio pic on the activities of Diana Barnato Walker during World War Two.
    Story Synopsis: Diana Barnato Walker occupied an almost legendary position in the world of aviation. She was one of only a handful of women who served during World War II as ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary) pilots, delivering newly built aircraft to airfields all over southern England. She became the first woman in the world to break the sound barrier in the early 1960’s.
    The Andrew Sisters (2013)
    Story in One Sentence: Biopic on the lives of the Andrew Sisters.
    Story Synopsis: A chronicle of the lives of legendary World War Two era singers the Andrew Sisters. Chronicles their early development, their career launch, and traumatic relationship with the early motion picture industry of southern California.
    The Legend of Tommy Blue Shoes
    Story in One Sentence: Sometimes destiny comes in pairs.
    Story Synopsis: Tommy Zapatas is a frustrated man. His girlfriend is ready to leave him. His job is a mess, and what’s worse, his home owner association doesn’t like the color of the railing on his porch. So he paints it blue, just like his shoes from kindergarten. A lawsuit ensues. He loses his girl. He loses his lawsuit. He loses his job. Something snaps inside. Tommy’s on a mission.
    The Predictor (2009)
    Story in One Sentence: What if you developed a proven method of predicting killer earthquakes with an accuracy approaching ninety percent—and nobody believed you?
    Story Synopsis: Geologist JIM BERKLAND develops a method of predicting killer earthquakes. His theories come to test a week before the World Series in 1989, where he predicts a 7 quake during the World Series. His colleagues don't believe him. His family is his only support. Events move forward and he is forced to put everything on the line to prove he is right.
    Treasure Tail
    Story in One Sentence: A boy. A girl. A treasure map.
    Story Synopsis: In this action/adventure romantic comedy with a deliberate pun for a title, Miklos Iannios is running for his life down the waterfront of a Caribbean port, dodging bullets as he runs. He is pursued by two enforcers for the Greek mafia who are doing the shooting. He carries a bundle held close to his chest as glass, brick, and wood splinter around him as he runs.
    Who Moved the Stone?
    Story in One Sentence: The Passion of the Christ meets All the President’s Men in the screenplay suggested by Frank Morison’s classic work Who Moved the Stone?
    Story Synopsis: As powerful and intrigue-filled as any modern novel, Who Moved the Stone? follows the events leading up to and beyond the most dramatic historical event of the Roman era: the trial, crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.
    Story in One Sentence: The Millionaire meets The Reaper.
    Story Synopsis: The PowerPlay Lottery. It’s everything you deserve when people’s lives are affected and an undeserved financial windfall makes them rich Is it by accident, or by design? And who is the designer? And just who, exactly, is Iman Effing, Attorney at Law, chairman of the mysterious Angel Foundation?
    Somebody Love Me! By J. Michael Smith and William Braden
    Story in One Sentence: A little boy left in an orphanage by his wayward mother begins to affect the lives of two of the caretakers of the orphanage.
    Story Synopsis: Set in 1941, our story follows 5 year old ZACHARY WHITE, who is left at Our Lady's Home for Little Ones, a Catholic orphanage. The home's MOTHER SUPERIOR and SISTER CATHERINE become primary characters in the life of this little boy who, because he is not really an orphan, cannot be adopted by KAR and EDNA MILLER, caretakers to the home. Kar Miller holds a secret that keeps him aloof from all the children at the home, but Zachary's unique attitude of fearlessness eventually breaks down the caretaker's shell.
    3rd and Goal. By Vicky Neal
    This list does not include more than 20 pilots for a Monday – Friday radio program series, all of which are complete and ready for production, plus a number of television pilots that are under development.
    Visit to learn more.
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